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This is Abigail. You know what to do.
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Player Info
Name: Laura
Age: 37
Contact: email -
Characters Already in Teleios: None

Character Basics:
Character Name: Abigail Hobbs
Age: 18
Fandom: Hannibal
Canon Point:Season Two finale, after Abigail pushed Alana out the window and before she saw Will.
Class A: 11 total
Murder - 9 counts - (Nicholas Boyle and her father's victims.)
Betrayal - 2 counts - (betrayed Hannibal by digging up Nicholas Boyle's body and later betrayed Will by not reporting Hannibal's crimes)
Class B: 1 total
Assault - 1 count - (shoved Alana Bloom out of a window)
Class C: 18 total
Breaking out of a psychiatric facility -2 counts (once to visit Hannibal, the second to dig up Nicholas Boyle.)
Escaping Custody - 1 count - (fleeing from Will)
Failure to accept responsibility - 9 counts - (she's never taken responsibility for her role in any of the murders)
Faking own death - 1 count
Fleeing the scene of a crime - 1 count - (Nicholas Boyle's death)
Framing other people for murder - 1 count (Will Graham was framed for her murder when she faked her death.)
Giving up on a friend - 1 count (she never tried to get justice for her friend Marissa and even befriend her killer)
Manipulation - 1 count (manipulated Alana Bloom into defending her when confronted by Jack Crawford)
Trespassing - 1 count (broke into Hannibal's office)
  • List crimes you’ve created for your character here.
    Breaking out of a psychiatric facility

  • GRAND TOTAL: 13 years

    Canon Character Section:


    Motivations and Drives

    Abigail is motivated by her dependency on others, guilt, and fear. In childhood and during her teen years, she was made to be dependant on her father, to the extent that she followed his orders over her own judgement. She was unable to see any possibility of thinking for herself or choosing her own actions. This learned dependency drove her to act in rash ways after his death, made her very vulnerable to the manipulations of those with strong personalities, and caused her to seek out bonds with others who remind her of her father.

    Abigail felt a tremendous guilt for role in the events of her past, resulting in depression and a low self-esteem. She believed that there was something inherently wrong with her and wondered if she might be a sociopath or a monster. This guilt and self-doubt is very difficult for Abigail. She knows that she must suppress it and find a way to live with herself in order to function. The guilt moved into her subconscious mind, plaguing with her nightmares. In these dreams, it become clear that on some level she believes that she should have died in the place of other victims. These dreams also depict Abigail's fear than she will be caught and blamed for her past actions. When she wakes up from such a dream, the trauma of her past has resurfaced in her mind.

    For Abigail, an even more powerful motivator than guilt is fear. There is a constant threat of being judged by others in her mind. This has led her to see the world around her as a scary place where she will always be labelled as a killer's daughter, a cannibal and as a murderer. This is especially terrifying as to her because such labels confirm her worst beliefs about herself. To avoid this, she is willing to manipulate others around her. She is a skilled liar; she can hide her true feelings and display enough false emotions to convince people of what she wants them to believe. She does her best to have others view her as the innocent girl she used to be, and not as the monster that she believes she had become.

    Abigail has a great fear of being alone with her thoughts and memories. Even her happier memories, such as a mountain climbing trip, felt tainted by the rest of her past. She wants to avoid any thoughts of her past altogether. She longed for a future where she could start brand new. This has led to a fear of being imprisoned. Spending nights in a hospital room felt too confining for her. The idea of going to a real prison and the feeling of being trapped was overwhelming. She was willing to take actions that would make her feel more guilt, to avoid this worst fear. She would rather risk her life by trusting a murderer, than risk being arrested.

    Presentation to the world.

    Abigail presents herself to the world as an innocent person. She is careful to create and maintain an image of herself as a victim of circumstances beyond her control. She looks for ways to obtain help from others and can tailor the way she acts around others, depending on her perception of them. She may be timid while denying her past around one person to look incapable of it. With another, she may display anger while denying her past to appear falsely accused. She hides the physical scar from her past by wearing a scarf around her neck in public. She is rarely seen happy.

    Connections With Others

    Abigail's first connections with others were with her parents. The bond with her father was particularly intense. From the day she was born and he named her Abigail, meaning joy of the father, he loved her in an obsessive way. This obsession led him to want to kill her. To fight his desires, he decided to find substitutes to kill in her place. He involved Abigail in these crimes, telling her that he would kill her if she refused. He made her meet young women, talk to them to find out where they lived, when they were alone and other information that she could pass along to her father. These victims were either attending or applying to the same universities she applied to. Her father wanted Abigail to know that she could never leave him, not even for an education. She felt she had no other choice and never tried to escape or contact authorities. She hated what her father made her do; it made her feel like a monster. She had many reasons to despise him; he killed her mother and slit her throat. She felt anger and resentment that she was denied a normal life. She was horrified after his death when she realized he had fed his victims to her and she found their hair inside her pillows. She never stopped loving him as a father though and believed there was a fault in herself that drove her father's actions. The bond Abigail felt with him was similar to a prisoner bonding with their captor. It was a survival technique.

    After the death of her parents, Abigail was in a coma and then in a psychiatric facility. This limited the number of people she could have interactions with. One of the first people she spoke with in the psychiatric facility was Dr. Alana Bloom. Abigail displayed little emotion around Alana, preferring to discuss matters more practical than her trauma. She was careful not to reveal the darkest truths about her past. Abigail was slowly able to gain sympathy from Alana, revealing enough glimpses of her trauma to make Alana want to defend her and help her regain her self-confidence. Abigail cared about Alana and viewed her as her mother while under the effects of psilocybin. Despite this, Abigail never bonded with Alana as she did with Hannibal. She pushed Alana out of a window in order to preserve her bond with Hannibal and for the promise of a reunion with Will. She felt guilt for this act and that she had no other choice, similar to how she felt when helping her Dad.

    Nicholas Boyle was a man who had little connection to Abigail in life. It was his death that impacted Abigail. He suspected wrongly that his sister was killed by her father. And Abigail wrongly believed he killed a friend of hers. This led to a confrontation in which Abigail killed Nicholas Boyle, thinking she was defending herself against a murderer. This killing made her feel powerful in a way that helping her father commit murder never did. After his death, the memory of this act affected Abigail. The fact that the killing felt good intensified her view of herself as a monster, especially after she learned he was innocent of her friend's murder. She became terrified that his body would be found and it would be inevitable that everyone would know she was a monster. She went back where she and Hannibal hid the body and dug it up so it would be found, rather than live with the fear permanently.

    A reporter named Freddie Lounds had a significant impact on Abigail. Prior to meeting Freddie, Abigail had wanted to forget her past, cover her scar and move on with her life. She did not talk with the press and showed no desire to tell her story as she walked past them. Freddie was able to manipulate Abigail, convincing her that she would be labelled as a killer and live in poverty unless she wrote a book to explain her point of view. These fears, especially the fear of being judged a killer, weighed heavily on Abigail's mind. Freddie was also the one who allowed Abigail to see that Nicholas Boyle may have been an innocent man.

    The head of the FBI, Jack Crawford, influenced Abigail depite having limited interactions with her. He suspected her role in her father's crimes and in the death of Nick Boyle immediately. He forced her to look at Nicholas' Boyle's body during an interrogation, bringing up her fears again. He was able to see through her manipulations with Alana. Freddie's manipulations and Jack's accusations contributed to a growing paranoia in Abigail.

    During this time, the two most important connections to Abigail were Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter. Despite her near adulthood when her parents died, they thought of her as an orphan and felt responsibility towards her. Both men sought to be father figures to Abigail and yet she related to them in very different ways.

    Will Graham killed Abigail's father to save her life. He sat by her hospital bed as she lay in a coma. He initially had an idealized view of her, believing her incapable of involvement in her father's crimes. He reached out to her in positive ways, telling her that there was nothing wrong with her and that she was important to him. Each time, she rejected those ideas. She believed she would always reminded him of her father and worried about how he would react if he knew about Nicholas Boyle and what she did for her Dad. It was only after Hannibal assured her that Will truly did see her in a positive light and would protect her even if he knew the truth about her past, that she was able to be more accepting of Will. She admitted to him that killing Nick Boyle made her feel powerful and that she wished she had killed her father before he killed any of his victims. She willingly went on a trip with Will where she realized that Hannibal hadn't told Will the whole truth about her past. When Will figured it out on his own, she became afraid of Will. During the period when Abigail lived with Hannibal, she was influenced to want a family with Hannibal, Will and her together. When she saw Will again, she no longer feared him.

    Hannibal was also present when Abigail's father died. He saved Abigail's life. She knew there was a possibility that he was a serial killer because she recognized his voice from a suspicious phone call made to her home that night. She accepted his first explanation for calling that night without question, ignoring her own concerns in order to develop a closer connection with him. She went to him for help after killing Nicholas Boyle. Hannibal was the only one Abigail felt safe enough with to be completely honest with about Nick Boyle, her father and her true feelings. Under the use of psilocybin, she hallucinated him as her father and afterwards her bond with Hannibal was strengthened. She grew to depend on him completely. When she felt the FBI would arrest her, she ran to him. During the conversation that followed, she realized he was a killer. She was terrified that he would kill her, and yet made no attempt to scream or run. While she knew it wasn't smart to accept Hannibal as she had done with her Dad, it was clear that in some ways, she already had. She was also enchanted with the idea of leaving her past behind her. She went into hiding with Hannibal, helping him to fake her death and believing in his promise of a new, happier life. After living with Hannibal long enough, she was desperate to maintain her bond with him. She was willing to kill for him and willing to go to him even when she knew he was going to kill her.


    When she arrives in Teleios, she is likely to believe it is another nightmare or an FBI trap until she realizes it is something much more than that. If anyone knows the details of her debt, she will deny any involvement in her father's crimes. Around those who don't know about her past, she will avoid discussing her debt altogether. It would be hard for her to function for long without support. She will definitely seek out Hannibal and Will. She would not limit her interactions to them. She would talk to people and try to learn as much about them as possible without revealing information about herself, in order to find out who she can trust and who can help make her life easier.

    Teleois would feel like a prison. She would do the work that she is assigned and follow any other rules, especially when she feels she is being watched. While she will want to leave, she would have difficulty looking ahead to a future utopia, or even believing in one. Her dreams of a happy future would seem further away, at least until someone she trusts is able to convince her otherwise.

    Powers/Abilities: She's human with no special powers.

    Note: She's missing an ear and has a scar on her neck.

    CR AU
    Game You’re Transferring CR from: I don't think this applies

    How has your character changed from their canon self? N/A

    Are they gaining any abilities from their time in game? Did the game setting take something from them? N/A

    Actionspam Sample:

    [Abigail addressed the screen first, lacing her voice with confusion and a hint of anger]

    "Hello? There's been a mistake. This isn't where I'm supposed to be. I don't care about your plans. I don't understand what you're talking about. I don't get it all!"

    [She waited a moment and looked around. She identified a man who hadn't noticed her outburst and walked over.]

    "Hey, I think I'm lost or something. I could really use Siri to tell me how to get back home."

    [She gave a nervous-sounding chuckle, allowed him to respond and then spoke again.]

    "We're in the same boat then. The last thing I remember was taking a nap."

    [It was a lie. She couldn't admit that the last thing she did was shove a woman out of a window. She listened as the man spoke, knowing he could be lying too. When he was done speaking, she gave a smile and asked]

    "Maybe we should stick together? At least until this makes some kind of sense?"

    Prose Sample:

    Abigail watched as Alana fell through the window, presumably to her death. The tears rapidly falling from her eyes blurred her vision and she couldn't make out the expression on her mother figure's face. Fear, anger, pain, sadness, hate and so many other emotions could be permanently set on that face when Alana landed on the ground. Abigail knew she deserved all of it, especially the hatred. She wondered if the apology she had given was of any comfort, or would Alana's final thoughts be the simple realization that Abigail truly was a monster? She deserved that too.

    Abigail walked out of her bedroom and began to descend the stairs, taking one last look around as she did. This house had been her refuge from the hospital, Jack Crawford, and the pain of her past. She learned to play the harpsichord here and allowed herself to believe in Hannibal's plans for a happy future with Will. It all felt tainted now by what she had just done. She reached the bottom step and suddenly fell asleep.

    Abigail opened her eyes, worried that she had fainted or had somehow been rendered unconscious by the FBI. She bolted to her feet with her heart beating quickly and her eyes wide with alarm as she took in her new surroundings. She shouldn't have let herself get distracted by her own emotions. She could end up in prison. Hannibal would be disappointed and she would be left with no one. She focused her attention on the screen when it appeared. The message would have been unreal if she didn't know she deserved it. She was guilty of so many horrible acts.

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